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Do We Need Renewable Energy in Our Homes?

Just like a lot of people I have often wondered about renewable energy. I know that it’s important for the environment and the future that we find a more sustainable source of energy; and one that does not pollute the air that we breath and the water that we drink (I have got a first-hand knowledge of what air and water pollution can do and believe me it is not a pretty sight).

posted by Omo Ogundele on 03 August 2012

tags: at home , renewable energy , solar ,

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Government draft energy bill announced

On Tuesday 22nd May 2012 the draft Energy Bill was announced and includes measures necessary to reform the electricity market to deliver secure, clean and affordable electricity.The bill outlines long-term contracts to encourage investment in nuclear and renewable energy. Britain needs £110bn of investment to keep the lights on and meet green targets.

posted by Boiler Cashback Team on 25 May 2012

tags: at home , renewable energy ,

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DECC announce second phase for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP)

On 26 March, Department of Energy and Climate Change announced a second phase to the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme, which will provide further support for installations of renewable heat technologies in the household sector. The budget has been increased from £15m to £25m, and is including community schemes and there’ll be more social housing schemes that can benefit.

posted by Boiler Cashback Team on 11 April 2012

tags: at home , solar , renewable energy ,

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43.3p or 21p...? That is the question.

It has been a turbulent time for the solar industry recently.  First there were the cuts to large scale PV installations, then there was the announcement of planned cuts to small scale installations and now we don't even know what the tariff level is for small scale PV systems installed today.

posted by Ruth Wharton on 10 January 2012

tags: at home , solar , renewable energy ,

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What energy efficiency measures will you be able to get through Green Deal?

The government's Green Deal consultation period closes on 18th January 2012, and with the opportunity to ask questions and give comments getting nearer, it is a hot topic among people in the energy efficiency industries.

posted by Carolyn Kempster on 09 January 2012

tags: at home , insulation , solar , green deal , renewable energy , energy efficiency ,

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Sanergy - an organisation who actually wants to increase waste

I’ve been reading recently about Sanergy, an organisation based in the US who are working to create an effective sanitation system within the slums of Nairobi.

posted by Carolyn Kempster on 16 December 2011

tags: renewable energy , local resilience ,

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Are PV Solar Panels still worth it?

The announcement of the change to Feed in Tariff (FITs) payments from the 12th December 2011 sent shock waves through the photovoltaic industry and has created a lot of negative press – not to mention the threat of legal action by Friends of the Earth. However, does this mean that PV is now a bad idea?

posted by Angus Murchie on 23 November 2011

tags: at home , solar , climate change , renewable energy ,

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Sun begins to set on Solar Electricity Feed-In Tariffs

A document leaked from the Energy Saving Trust (EST) today has unveiled government plans to drastically reduce the 4kW solar photovoltaic (PV) tariff level from 43.3 to 21p/kWh.  The cut will cause the payback period for domestic installations to double, almost certainly making domestic homeowners to think again about installing solar electricity.

posted by Ruth Wharton on 28 October 2011

tags: renewable energy , solar , at home ,

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Renewables could meet the majority of the UK energy needs by 2030

The WWF have published a feasibility study looking what proportion of the UK’s energy supply could be provided by solar, wind, tidal and other renewable energy sources within the next twenty years; and their findings are pretty ambitious.  The report looks at various different scenarios and proposes that renewables could provide between 60% and 90% of our energy needs by 2030.

posted by Carolyn Kempster on 27 October 2011

tags: renewable energy , solar ,

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solar is an earner with new feed-in tariff

When you get an approved renewable energy system installed you can now benefit from a Feed-in Tariff (FIT). Your electricity supplier will pay one tariff for the electricity you generate and one for any electricity you export to the grid. For a standard household Solar PV system they'll pay 41.3p per kWh generated and at least 3p per kWh exported.

posted by Gordon Glass on 01 April 2010

tags: solar , renewable energy ,

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